Transition video from point on screen

Alright so I am creating a YouTube intro and I want to make a video that transitions from one game video to another. I am wondering if you can create a transition that increases I size from a single point on the screen. Say for example a point on a screen where the video starts and expands from the point to fill the screen. If there is a way that would be lovely, if there isn’t then it would be super cool to see it implemented. Thanks a lot.

You mean something like this?

Precisely, what is it called?

It’s one of the available transitions in Shotcut. It’s called Iris Circle. After you make the transition clip go to its properties where you can see all of the options for transitions. There’s a full tutorial video on transitions in the Tutorials section of the website. Scroll up to the top page and click on Tutorials where you’ll find that tutorials as well as several others on the basics of Shotcut.

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