Transition Properties Locked

Good evening,

I’ve created a few transitions in Shotcut, of the basic Dissolve variety, but I can’t alter the properties. There is a softness meter locked at 20% that I think is the feature I want to change but it’s greyed out so I can’t.

Any thoughts?
Running the latest Shotcut on Windows 10.

Shotcut Transition Softness Freeze

Hi @Brukaviador

This is not a bug.
You can’t alter the properties of a Dissolve transition because there is no properties to alter.

All the other types of transition, except Cut, adds some kind of moving separation between the clips, and you can make this separation sharp or blurry with the Softness adjustment.

But the Dissolve type just fades out one clip while fading in the other. No separation to blur there.

Thanks for the reply.

I guess my issue is I want that transition to run slower. If I have a 3 second long transition, it doesn’t seem to evenly fade in over the course of that 3 seconds, but instead faces in within the first half second.
It’s like the transition is somehow front loaded, instead of evenly spread.