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Is there a way to use a transition without altering the length of the clips? I would like to simply split a video and add a transition from one zoomed in angle into another without altering the flow of the audio. Since I am a musician, I need to work with audio and video files and make sure they are synchronized. With the current system, every time I drag a clip into the next (to create a transition) the files lose synchronization.

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You do not need to drag a clip to make a transition. See this from the Tutorials page linked above for how to use trimming

Or you can multiple tracks and fade with opacity or using the Mask: From File filter for fancier wipes.

Virtually all of my videos are dealing with the same issue; keeping the audio synchronized. I learned early on that I needed to keep each camera on its own track on the timeline, and that once the tracks are synchronized, leave them that way.
I make overlapping splits on the different camera tracks, then on the parts of a camera track I don’t want, I select that clip within the track, go to properties, and switch the video to “None”. Then I select the clip I am keeping, and use a filter to fade the portion that overlaps the other good clip on another track.

Thank you for helping! The tutorial doesn’t help me because I am working with the (one) same clip, therefore I cannot create extra frames. However, I was able to synchronize the audio and video by redragging the second clip, but this gave me a new problem! If you check out minutes 0:31 and 0:49, you can see how my filters are nullified for milliseconds, making it look as if I did a movement twice. Is that understandable?

Thank you for the help everyone!

When you said…

…I thought you meant different cameras, different videos of the same event.

What you describe now is much easier.

I think the Keyframe method described in this video will help.

However, I believe to get what you want, you will need to combine both techniques.

Put the same video from your Playlist on two or more tracks.
Set different zooms on different tracks, using methods from the tutorial video.
Then use the methods I described above to fade from one zoomed-in shot to another.

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