Transition Preset - Stretch & Flash transition

A Shotcut filters preset that allows you to create a stretched transition with a burst of highlights.

Download this file:
Stretch & Flash transition - (4.1 KB)

There are four files in the ZIP:

Works with 23.98 fps, 24 fps and 25 fps projects.

Works with 29.97 fps and 30 fps projects.

Works with 50 fps projects.

Works with 59.94 fps and 60 fps projects.

Each presets was tested on projects with 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 resolution. They should work on projects of any resolution.


  • Open the preset TXT file corresponding to your project’s frame rate.
  • You will find instructions inserted in each file.

For step by step instructions, watch this demonstration of the preset used on a 24 fps project.


That’s really awesome and useful. :ok_hand:

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OMG you’ve done it again @musicalbox … This is most wonderful! I’ll be using it today… Thank you! :+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you very much @david.lyon and @jonray !

Show me, show me! :smiley:

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Uh Oh. I got a little sidetracked today working on a new Christmas Carol arrangement for - guess which instrument? :wink:
… so the video will have to wait a while, unfortunately. But I’ll definitely be using this transition soon! :+1:

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THANKS Your presets have really helped me UP my game. This is definitively one I’ll be adding to my videos.


Thank YOU for the feedback @Ironbark. Most posts in the Resources and Tutorials categories get many views, but not a lot of people take the time to leave their opinion. It doesn’t matter if the person like the content or not, any comment, as long as it is constructive, is always welcomed and appreciated.


I spotted this on YT and added to my watch later for the weekend. I need to watch it properly but the feedback above seems like it’s another winner from you @MusicalBox. Genius at work once again!


My watch later playlist got too congested. What I do now is create new playlists for specific topics. I placed this one in Transitions. The more technical ones go in Technical.