"Transition Preset" For the Speed Ramp Transition

My attempt at trying to make Shotcut easier to use for beginners by providing them with “shortcuts,” similar to Premiere’s Transition Presets using the Speed Ramp Transition as an example.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZoIueF5XLSfM2_HW8X3diPiQP3An4D5y/view?usp=sharing (Permission access only. Ask permission here first)

Let me know if anything in the instructions is confusing. Also, let me know if you want a language added.

This is the first run. Lots of potential applications for people who like developing effects and transitions.

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Thanks for this interesting transition. Here a first example, probably not the best clips for that:

Here are some better examples:

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Good work!

Using a MLT as a preset sounds a REALLY cool idea and very exciting! I’ll give that a go later (tied up today but will try it ASAP). Thanks for this great idea, @bentacular!! :+1:

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The second is not mine :wink:

This could be an opportunity to create shareable transition or effects library. What makes Premiere and Final cut so ubiquitous is the abundance of preset and effects developers that provide an easy shortcut to create things the easy way. I think we can replicate that using shareable MLTs. Some can even monetize it

@bentacular, I am SO interested in this idea!! I’m just working on a couple of SC projects (one quite major - watch this space…) but I’ll look into it and try to participate when I get a chance.

So, just so I understand it - I’m presuming you made the speed ramp transition as per your tutorial, then saved the two 7-frame intro/outros as an MLT, then when applied to ANY two videos named video01 and video02 the effect is applied to them when the transition is replaced by the MLT clips, provided they are in the same folder?

If so, I can really see a potential for this. Oooh, exciting!! … :rofl:

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YES! I was able to replicate it so far for the Speed Ramp and the Light Burst transitions. I think any transition with a constant intro and outro is applicable

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Brilliant idea. I’ll have a go when I get a chance.

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How do we access Speed Ramp.zip? It doesn’t seem to be publicly accessible.

It was public 7 days ago. I now made it by request only

msg me your email address

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