Transition length

I’d like to be able to make each of my transitions exactly the same length. Is there a way to do this? I don’t even see where the transition length is displayed. Thank you.

If you use the slideshow generator, V 20.06.28, you can make all the transitions the same length. But the images/videos will be the same length as well.

Select the transition, press C to copy, press ESC or select the source tab, the transition length is displayed here.


Got it. I don’t suppose there is a way to set that length manually by typing in an exact number?

The simplest way to make the transitions the same length is to use the keyboard shortcuts to do it.


Once the clips are butted against each other, use ALT+right arrow/left arrow to put the playhead at the cut. Then use page up/down to put the playhead at an even second, add additional frames with the left/right arrow keys. Then overlap the clips.

With snapping on it’s pretty easy to do.


If you set the slide duration very high, slideshow generator will use only the duration of the source file. Of course, you probably only want to use A/V files and not image files when doing this because the images have a long possible duration unlike an A/V file.

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That makes sense; I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks for the feedback.

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