Transition glitch video in video

New user to shot cut, am trying to use video in video to improve on Zooms postage stamp view of speaker. when I cut and use a transition (by sliding second part over first part of track). As part of the transition it shows the second video track full height. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

see clip
How can I prevent this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kerryk

  • The 2 videos of the speaker, are they the same size?
  • Surely you added one or more filters to those videos (to resizer them and move them to the corner).
    • What filter(s) did you use.
    • Did you add them to the videos themselves or to the track head?

If you can, please capture a video of how you added the filters and how and when you created the transition.

Hi and thanks for responding.
The video used for the add in is from a mobile phone, cropped to size using the Crop :source filter, the ‘phantom’ that appears in transition is the original un-cropped size.
The other filter I used was the size, position and rotation filter.
I have two video tracks synchronised, and set up the insert size and location for the whole project at the start, then as I cropped bits out, of the tracks, they stayed in sync.
Maybe I did not need both?

I do however need to move the insert around to suit whats on the main screen.


I still don’t know why you experience this problem. A video capture of your Shotcut window would have probably helped.

You might try to use cut transitions between your clips instead of dissolve transitions.

Or you could put your clips on different tracks and use the Opacity filter (with keyframes) to transition between clips.

Thank you for the explanation, strange thing is it does not happen every time!
From this point on I will try and use one of the methods you suggested. And can re-do the area where the problem occurred - it may even have been (lack of) resource based as I had about 70mins of 2 track video edited.

If you did cut a video clip with keyframes (check this in the timeline section tab keyframes) on the cutted ends keyframes are added with unusable values.

Thanks - it looks like that maybe the case but I have many transitions and only 3 are affected.
This is first time I have used shotcut so finding my way. I will just cut out the few minutes affected and do it again!

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