Transition from one clip to another

I am talking about arranging items from your playlist in the timeline.

This video is a car repair video.

I been making the text boxes 10 seconds and photos 5-10 seconds.

I been leaving green space in between which allows for the photo to not pop up so fast.

is this how others do it?

or what I mean is all the items don’t have to be butt up against each other with no space in between?

Hi @tim1

First, it would be preferable that you take another screen capture of your Shotcut window. We only see half of the track and we can’t tell much from it. Use the interface handles to raise the viewer and the track:

Also, I’m sorry to say this, but I read your post 3 times and I’m still not sure of what you try to explain. But the title says something about transition between clips.

▼ Is this what you want? ▼

Je n’ai pas compris la même chose, mais je peux me tromper.
Comme je comprends, dans ce diaporama le texte (je suppose sur une piste audio) dure 10 secondes. Les photos ne font que 5 secondes. Pour ne pas que la seconde photo arrive avant que le texte de la première soit fini, @tim1 crèe un espace noir entre les photos.
La solution dans ce cas est d’allonger la durée de la photo 1 pour correspondre à la durée du texte 1
Sélectionner le bord droit du clip photo 1 et le faire glisser jusqu’au début de la photo suivante.

I didn’t understand the same thing, but I could be wrong.
As I understand, in this slideshow the text (I assume on an audio track) is 10 seconds long. The pictures are only 5 seconds long. In order not to have the second photo arrive before the text of the first one is finished, @tim1 creates a black space between the photos.
The solution in this case is to lengthen the duration of photo 1 to match the duration of text 1
Select the right edge of photo clip 1 and drag it to the beginning of the next photo.

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IN your last demonstration video you have a green space in between the clips.

can you just leave it as that so the black back ground will appear a few seconds before the next photo arrive?

Alors les “Text box” sont en fait des fichiers audio?

So the text boxes are audio files?

no audio in this video just text explaining the each step.

C’est ce que j’ai supposé en fonction de la capture d’écran qui ne montre que la piste V1 avec des .jpg (images fixes)
Manifestement je me suis trompé, désolé.

This is what I assumed based on the screenshot which only shows the V1 track with .jpg (still images)
Obviously I was wrong, sorry.


so is it acceptable to leave the areas of green between the text boxes and images?

that was my question to begin with.

If this method works for you, and you are pleased with the result, yes it is acceptable.

The green areas are just for you to know there is no video clips there. Just a visual aid for you.

Only you would know what is acceptable. Just because 10 other channels do a video a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.

If your audience enjoys your video, then you know you are doing good. Considering the topic of the video, people are seeking answers to many unknown questions.

My first repair job on my first vehicle, was a heater core. That was when it was easy to take one out. I never did get the dashboard to go back together correctly. I’d be interested in seeing your video when done.

o,k thanks,will let you know when I post,

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