Transition Fail

Using the latest Shotcut. I’m getting an error when I simply drag rightmost video to the video immediately to its left. I’d expect it to transition but it cuts the video on the left. If I then drag a bit more the transition is made. I’ve had this a few times now. If I create a new video track, place the rightmost video there temporarily, then place it back to where it was then drag, the transition will happen first time. So by juggling things I can get it to work but on this edit I’ve tried that and it keeps cutting/truncating before making the transition. The animated GIF explains best.

I see it in your GIF, but I have not figured out how to reproduce it. If you restart Shotcut can you still reproduce it?
Also, there are a number of rules that prevent creating a transition such as multiple selected. Another rule is that there cannot already be a transition. It is possible that you have a tiny single frame transition. Depending on the zoom level, it can be difficult to see. When trying to reproduce, zoom in to see if there is already one. Another way to find this is to select one of the clips around the transition and use Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right to move the selection. The reason that “juggling” is a workaround is that when the rule to add a transition fails, it overwrites the transition that was there. Such that when you try again, there is no existing transition to block you.

Hi Dan,
It was user error and the rules and your advice of pinpointing with Ctrl Left/Right highlighted my issue. Zooming in then confirmed the existence of a single-frame transition.


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