Transition bug on images with differing aspect ratios

I am experiencing a bug when transitioning between pictures that don’t fill the entire screen. The area surrounding the picture is blacking out, rather than showing the video behind it during the transition. See screenshot attached. This didn’t used to happen. I am running versions 19.10.20. This also was happening in 19.9 also. I skipped several upgrades, so I’m not sure which version introduced this issue.

Interestingly, if I apply the size and position filter to the images, the issue goes away. However, the issue persists when I have tried applying other filters.

What I’m actually trying to do is have an image on top of a white background, with the white background filling the entire screen. So, I have my base video, then I would have a white color filling the screen with my image on top of that. Here’s another screenshot.

Apply an Alpha Channel Adjust filter to the clips before adding the transition.



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This is the same issue reported here:

(The first workaround mentioned by editing XML accomplishes something similar to Alpha Channel: Adjust.)

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