Transition bug, how to open save history not the normal history as all my work is gone

when editing a clip? segment of my video i accidentally added a transition. I tried to undo it ctrl z and it was still there the only difference is the clip moved backwards a little bit with the transition. Then i noticed my other clips had the transition look even the track. I saved it and closed down the app and when reopening it my edited clip was unedited at least most of it. I is possible if i can pull up my save history because i put in a lot of work that i really don’t want to do again because it took a lot of time.

History is not saved.

i pressed ctrl s. Isnt that how to save a project. I tried to adjust a length of a clip and i accidentally moved it to another clip so when i pressed ctrl z to indo the transition didnt go away and the other clips, track looked like the transition image with the cross. I pressed ctrl s and and reopened the app which i believe is how you save a project because its worked before. And some of my clips were unedited and some left editied.

The clip selected was edited into smaller segment as my purpose was to sync the bit to every action. Is there a fix, is there a save history where i can go back to the dited clip or is my work gone .

The history is not saved to your project.
The history is only there while Shotcut is open.
Once Shotcut closes the history is gone.

You could do a Save As as you are working. Save As will save the current project to a new file name. When you do a Save As, the current project takes on the new name you have chosen. You can go back and edit any of the prior project saves at any time.


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