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Hi everyone,

i’m new to video editing, i have watched the first three tutorials. Sorry, only them.

I have recorded a screencast of a lesson, and an external video of it. I have loaded them in two tracks.

I would like to know how i can switch from one video to the other crossfading them.

Example: First 2 minutes, i would like to see the first video, from min 2 to min 3 the second video, from min 3 to min 6 the first one, from 6 to 9 the second one, and so on.

I have separated the audio and that one comes from a single source, no problem here.

I have loaded the tracks, but for now i have only been able to cut the video in parts, and to add fading from and to black for both tracks. Works, but i don’t find it optimal, e.g. if i want to change timings later.

Thank you in advance.

v 19.10.20 Linux.

I wonder what tutorial showed you this solution?
Just simply overlap one clip over the other in your desired time.
Or use the fade-in/fade-out filter by dragging the blinking point at the beginning and the end of the clips.

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Thank you.

The original situation was this one. Both video (they are only 2 and what i want is to switch between them a good number of times) have moreless the same length.

In the preview you can see the top one in the middle (it’s 4:3) and the other one behind (on the sides).

Set up your video tracks so they look like this.


Add fade in fade out to the upper track. Set both to Adjust opacity instead of fade with black. image

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Thank you but seems like what i did (exept from better transition) cutting the tracks a lot of times.

Both tracks have the same length and are time-synced.

I try to better explain what i would like to to:

See V1 from the beginning to min 2:00

Transition from V1 (crossfade?) to V2 and i would like to see only V2 from 2:01 to 3:00

Transition from V2 (crossfade?) to V1 and i would like to see only V1 from 3:01 to 6:00

Transition from V1 (crossfade?) to V2 and i would like to see only V2 from 6:01 to 9:00

and so on.

You can do this without cutting the videos using the “Opacity” filter and Advanced Keyframing, however it is extremely fiddly. You can also do it with a Text: HTML filter that uses Chroma filtering, but again it is very fiddly. Cuttilng the videos and fade-in/out as Sauron suggests is probably the easiest way to go. But of course you need to decide once and for all where to do the cutting, you can’t alter it later. Strictly speaking, you only need to cut the video on V2 (the upper track), not the one on V1.

If you don’t want to cut the videos it’s probably best to use the opacity filter like @Elusien said. The filter can be a bit finicky with advanced key frames if the video is trimmed using the trimming handles after the key frames have been set up.

Apply the opacity filter to the upper track (V2) and start the key frames at 0%, seek to 2:00, set another KF at 0%, seek to 2:01 set a KF at 100% and so on. Set the opacity according to the track you want to be visible.

It’s also possible to use the Mask from file filter to create wipes.

Made a demo that you can look at to see how it works.

Transition between tracks.mlt (12.3 KB)


This looks really nice!

Almost solved… only one question left… is there a way to completly hide the track behind (that is 16:9 so i can se the borders since the upper track is 4:3 like you can see in my last screenshot)?

Else i’ll need opacity also on the bottom track and it’s quite a bit worser especially if i need to change transitions later. Thank you!

Apply Crop Source filter to the clip on V2. Check center. There will be some distortion.


Another way to hide the clip on V1 is to copy the opacity filter from the upper track to the lower track then reverse the KF values so when the upper track fades in the lower track fades out.

One other way is to insert a video track between V1 and V2. Open a color clip, add it to the track. Copy the opacity filter from V3 to the color clip on V2.

Demo showing how it works.

Transition between tracks II.mlt (13.6 KB)


A big thank you!!!

Hi @Vendo_Bici ,
Great solutions! But personally I would go with an adapted version of @sauron’s method (post #4) and @elusien’s comments (post #7) above.

I made a short demo here to show because it’s a little complex to describe:

(click on the link, not the viewer, then select full screen arrows to view it large…)

You can easily change the fade-in and fade-out positions by “click/hold and dragging” the right or left edges of the clip. This maintains the sync between the two videos. I placed a colour clip on V1 which is optional…

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