Transition between 2 clips with a wall in between?

I would like to transition between 2 clips, in which the camera moves over a wall, and on the other side the next clip appears.

A good example of this is in this video at the 8:13 mark:

There is one clip, the camera moves over a wall, and the next clip appears.

How can I do this? I imagine using keyframes and possibly resizing something?

Thank you!

If it’s a straight wall you can get away with it by using the Mask: Simple filter. Stack one video clip on an upper video track and apply Mask: Simple to it. Make sure the shape is Rectangle. Then play around with the parameters and keyframe it till it suits your needs.

What does the Mask filter do?

It takes one video and reveals it against another depending on the settings you make. It’s how the video example you linked to was done.

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