Transition at the beginning of the clip

I need to put over the video prepared png text label. As far as I know I can use fade in/out filters with Adjust opacity button selected. I would like to use bar horizontal transition to animate the label. I tried to paste transparent clip before my text label and make transition but unfortunately only dissolve transition works on transparent clips. Lauren found a workaround with chroma key described in this thread:

But when I use chroma key it doesnt look that good and also its quite complicated way. Maybe it would be useful if you can set any transition at the beginning of the clip in similar way like you can create fade in/out filters - maybe just the possibility to change behaviour of the fade in filter? What do you think about it? Will it be possible?

Many thanks!


Well, I suppose it is possible as always to create the illusion of starting a transition at the beginning of a clip, but you must be tired of tricks like that by now!
This would be a lot more convenient.

Thanks for mentioning me! :smile: