Transcoding multiple files at once

If I want to simply transcode multiple files at once, do I need to open and transcode them one at a time? If I open them all at once, they go into a playlist and then concatenate into a single output file whereas I want the clips to remain in separate files. Thanks.

As far as I can tell or discover, there is no batch support in Shotcut.
You could use Handbrake instead if digital transcoding is all you need?

Unfortunately, I want to transcode into a format for editing and Handbrake doesn’t seem to have any suitable codecs preinstalled/configured like Shotcut does.

Try ClipToolz Convert V2 [last free version].

ShotCut can batch-convert each file in the playlist by selecting Export > From > Each Playlist Item.

Alternatively if you need a dedicated batch-converting tool, you could try the free EyeFrame Converter:

EyeFrame Converter tutorials:

Ha, thanks. Never noticed :smiley:

My option would be :

Yeh, but does it transcode to ProRes or DNxHD?

I don’t see ProRes but I think it’s in.
DNxHD is in for sure

I see.
Still and all, now that TinTin has pointed out the batch export feature of Shotcut I see no reason not to use it.

I am using Shotcut 17.10.02 on Linux Mint 18. I am interested in batch transcoding, however I can not locate the “Export > From > Each Playlist Item” selection. Would you please help. Thanks.

Select Export from the Toolbar or tab set and notice on the right-hand side “From.” The drop-down list defaults to Timeline. -=Ken=-

Thanks kenj69. We’re rollin’