Trailer Into REaction Shot in Shotcut

I edit “reaction” trailers for my Youtube channel in Shotcut.


I have a feeling you like scary movies :slight_smile:
I will certainly watch a few of your videos. Many movies I haven’t seen yet in your reviews and reactions

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I like your review style. You come across as natural and charismatic. It sounds like you are a little bit far from the microphone though, could you experiment bringing it closer next time?

Well done!

Two other experiments that you could try, if you are deliberately avoiding having the microphone in view,

  • Microphone types. You are so rock-solid in your posture (a good thing), that you can probably use a hypercardiod mic to good effect, which should increase the ratio of direct voice to room resonance, thus making you sound closer to the mic.
  • Reducing room resonance, “deadening” it, by the addition of sound absorbers, especially on hard surfaces (flat walls) that are out of sight, where simply hanging blankets or towels has been found to be effective.
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Nice! Thanks for the mention in credits. I added this to the Made with Shotcut playlist on our channel. :peace_symbol:

You’re right in that I try to keep it out of view (a lot of people don’t mind it though I have a white Blue Snowball, which catches the light and literally glows).

When you write " a little bit too far from the microphone" are your referring to a “hollowness” to the sound or a volume-related issue?

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No problem! I work in both Final Cut Pro X and Shotcut so whichever editor I use, I “credit” it. I’m not doing it on my own, after all.

Thank you!

It was @stgtravels that I was quoting; I assumed that Stefan meant the ratio of room resonance to direct voice (which is probably, I think, what you are calling “hollowness”).

It’s a good thing you have that door open; it forms a Bass Trap without which the room would reverberate intolerably.
Personally, I like the sound quality. However, some people like a crisper sound.

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Thanks for that. While I’ll continue to keep the mike off-screen I’ll see if I can play with it’s settings a bit. It doesn’t have much in the way of controls, but there are some settings.


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