Trailer created with Shotcut (v20.06.28)

I started editing this video yesterday, and posted the content today on YouTube. I used Shotcut version 20.06.28 and really liked the final result. I am studying keyframes with more intensity, as it is an elementary resource for every video maker. In addition, Iā€™m happy to be able to create amazing things with this powerful video editor.


Nicely done :+1:
Was the D-20 exclusive to Brazil and Argentina ? Or did we have an equivalent here in North America ?

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Thank you for enjoying! In fact, this truck is genuinely Brazilian, but it started being exported to the Middle East in the 1980s, and to Argentina in the mid-1990s. It is a pickup truck equivalent to the 1973 ā€œC/Kā€ series in the USA. :+1:

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