Traduction en français de filtres

Bonjour l’équipe de développeur

Pourrait–on changer le nom des filtres :
miroir en “miroir horizontale”
retourner en “miroir verticale”

Ce serait pratique pour le classement alphabétique, et plus parlant dans la française.

Merci pour votre implication.

Hello the developer team

Could we change the name of the filters:
mirror in “horizontal mirror”
return to “vertical mirror”

It would be convenient for the alphabetical classification, and more speaking in the French.

Thank you for your involvement.


No, sorry. Changing a name breaks all translations and must be worthwhile. “Flip: Horizontal” and “Flip: Vertical” are quite likely better for English rather than “Mirror,” but I do not have a big problem with the current names. French has its own translation. Also, soon there will be extra keywords that will go into the search, and then things with an unexpected name can be found easier. For example, both will show when search for “flip” or “mirror”. Or, Mirror will show when search for “horizontal”.

ok i undersand flip is a good name