Tracks shifting on their own

Hey all, I’m having an issue where ill make a separate video track for subtitles, pictures etc, but on occasion especially towards the end of a project I’ll notice my subtitle tracks will shift to a completely different part of the video. I thought this was due to cutting certain clips out so I edited my video in its entirety first then went back with the subtitles and filters. It still shifted and made it extremely annoying to move all of those keyframes back to their original spot, that or I deleted it. Anyways, I was wondering if I’m doing something to cause the shift, a bug, or a possible fix? Thanks in advance, Crowned.

If these two buttons…

…look like this…


…they are most likely the source of your problem.

Make them look like this…


…and your future will be brighter.

Unfortunately, this will not undo damage done in the past.

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Thank you, I’ll keep this in mind moving forward!

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