Tracking mode

I would like to make move 4 pictures from left to right of the screen at the same speed and on same line like a train and its wagons.
Probably stupid I haven’t find the solution.
Can someone Help Please.

I finally found it but it’s very tedious unless there is another way.
You have to do frame by frame and keyframe by keyframe.

Try this method.
Put the 4 images on 4 tracks. Use the Size and Position filter to line them up.
Add a rotate and scale filter to each track, key frame the X offset from 0 to 1920. Assuming the video is 1920X1080.
The images will move across the screen like a train on rails.

Here’s a project to show how the keyframes work.

Moving pictures.mlt (15.4 KB)


Thank you, once again.
Indeed your method which I had not thought of is quick, simple and effective.
I have a lot to learn about SC.
Thank you for your precious help…

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