Tracking clips used?

I’m creating videos with a (long) list of clips taken from a single long source video in each project. That is, the clips are virtual not physical individual vid files.

I see no way to have Shotcut track clips used. No indication is provided and I can’t create a sub-folder and drag used clips there. I also can’t rename virtual clips–they all have the same name of the large source vid file.



You can rename [sub]clips by selecting one and going into the properties panel then clicking on the title:


As for tracking the clips used, I don’t think that’s possible, you could maybe add all your clips to the playlist at the begining of a project, then as you process them one by one you remove them from playlist? This is what I always do and don’t feel the need for another tracking feature (but I can see some rare use cases for this).


Awesome, thank you Daniel, renaming will work for this kind of project.

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