Tracking and Rotoscoping

I want to track and rotoscope an overlay to a video; meaning I want an overlay of a cage to be placed between two objects with the overlay also tracking. Wondered if this is possible in shotcut at all. Thanks.

I will let more advanced/knowledgeable users jump in and correct me if I’m wrong.
But from what I know, Rotoscoping is not possible in Shotcut.

There is a mask filter that I don’t use much. I don’t know if it has a way to draw a custom mask. Even if that is there, it won’t be able to track that mask in the video.

Rotoscoping is not possible in a manner like Blender does.
Automatic tracking is not possible in SC.
You can make a “pseudo-traking” by using the filter ‘Size, Position & Rotate’ and keyframe it manually. Take the ‘Smooth’ Keyframe Type then.

Watch my small footage (light-blue/green text above the head)!

There are other open source tools like Natron that you can use instead, for such features.

Is tracking much simpler than Blender?

Thank you. I’ll give it a go!

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