Track has no opacity?

I opened an old-ish (~3 months ago) project wanting to re-export it with some changes and I noticed that one of the video track transparency doesn’t work anymore. And by doesn’t work I mean even setting a clip’s opacity to 0% doesn’t show anything below it.

I noticed that for this particular track (named here “opacity-issue”) there is no blend mode in the properties panel which is really weird. Moving the clip to another newly added track (V5) works correctly → I already did this in my project as a workaround (there were only a few clips on that track) but was curious why is this happening, anyone seen this before?

I replaced everything with 2 color clips and attached the .mlt if anywone wants to play with it, I don’t see anything wrong with the .mlt opened in notepad.

track bug simplified.mlt (11.2 KB)

If you select the track “opacity-issue” and look at the properties, you can see that it does not have a blend mode setting. In version 22.06.23 we fixed an issue that would cause the track blend mode to be removed when you use the track move feature. Before the fix was released, the only way to fix the track was to remove the track and create a new one.

So if you created this project with a version before 22.06.23, then it was almost certainly that bug - which is fixed in 22.06.23.

Yep, this was created surely in a version before 22.06, I guess I moved the track and didn’t realise it immediately, thanks.

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