Track Auto Fade Audio Filter & Track Seam - Location?

I just downloaded version 23.07.29 but I do not see Track Auto Fade or Track Seam in the list of audio filters. Am I looking in the wrong place? Filters > Audio shows neither of these. I cannot find Track Auto Fade or Track Seam anywhere in Filters. Neither can I find Auto Fade or Seam. Thanks.

From Shotcut - New Version 23.07: Never Say Never](Shotcut - New Version 23.07: Never Say Never)
Improvements - "Added Track Auto Fade and Track Seam audio filters. These filters address an old problem where clicks and pops may be heard in export when switching between clips due to discontinuities in the audio stream. A recommended technique was to add a 2 frame Fade Audio Out and Fade Audio in filters on clips. Track Auto Fade automates that. Track Seam works on a similar level but rather attempts to do a smoothing between outgoing and incoming samples around edit points. Both of these new filters may ONLY be added to individual tracks—audio or video

Hi @yuckfoo

Like mentioned in these filters description, they can only be applied to a track.
This means that you need to select a track head (not a clip) and then apply the filter.

Track head. I understand now, thank you!

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