Track 13 (A Thousand Little Things) by Johny Skullknuckles

Hi, here is the second film (pop video) I have ever made. First time ever using Shotcut. Filmed in a single take in my dining room against a black cloth background using only natural light coming in through the french windows. Filmed using a budget Go Pro copy (£29) . Frame rate 29fps. Editing was done using Shotcut on a fairly low spec PC (i5 dual core with 6 gig ram - I know 6 gig??). As my PC can’t handle too many processes at once I used noise reduction, contrast, brightness etc to achieve the overall look. Then exported using a lossless format. Imported the result back into short cut and synced the video up with the audio track. Then did the cuts and fades and other processing. It’s an example of work arounds when you don’t have top spec to work with or any budget to spends on studios, lighting etc. There is some unwanted motion blur on the hand when the phone is dropped but I have no idea why that happened but it kind of works with the atmosphere of the video but it would be good to know how to avoid this for future referrence. It was fun to do and I learned a lot - cheers

To me it looks good, a good combi from music and video, is meaning…feeling.

I really like this video. It makes good use of various editing features. I particularly like the part where you zoom in, but not on yourself but a point to your right so the last image of you is your earing. The flip between colour and greyscale is also well done. Keep more videos coming.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing! This is probably due to the shutter speed on your camera, and it sounds like it may not be adjustable. I do not think it looks too bad, but against the black background it does seem to cause some residual artifacts of not-as-dark areas taking a while to fade away. I am not sure if that is due to the levels adjustments you did or the encoding. There is no motion blur in Shotcut, and people have requested it to be added (under user control, of course). You can learn more about camera shutter induced motion blur in this illustrative video:

Thank you very much

Thank you

Thank you so much, and thanks for the instructional video. Very useful

Your captions need help.

  1. A text border would work wonders because the white characters are starting to blend into the tabletop.

  2. At least one of your captions is too low in the frame and is partially obscured by the YouTube player controls.

It’s very good to start with what you have and make the best out of it. Really, money can buy you things but not talent.

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