Total solar eclipse put into a 50 second video

I put the April 8, 2024 - 2 1/2 hour eclipse into a 50 second video using Shotcut by adding the pictures I took with my Pentax K-50 digital camera with a 50-200mm zoom lens at full zoom.
Disclaimer: I have had no professional training on eclipse photography or on video editing!!
Here’s my “rough” draft…lolol



Great video. Good job!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the complement.
Not bad for a rookie, eh?!?

FYI, your video is marked “made for kids” but you probably misread that on the YouTube publishing page as “safe for kids,” which is not the same thing. Made for kids adds restrictions. This is a common mistake. As a result, I cannot add it to the Made with Shotcut playlist on our YouTube channel.

Update: this was changed, and now I have added it to our playlist. nice!