Total newbie! I can't save video!

Hi there,

i think i have finished my first ideo. Without sound. How do is save it so I an upload it to youtube?
I go to file > export video and I 'd like it to be a youtube video, but from that point foward I don’t know wahat to do???

You’re on the right path…

Instructions for: Windows 10, Shotcut version 18.11.18

  1. Click the YouTube export preset
  2. Click Export File
    A. Brings up a standard Windows dialog file save window, just choose location, name your file, click Save.

Upload your exported video file to YouTube. This is done though YouTube. Shotcut does not upload the file for you.


Thx, so far that helped and I could save a *,mp4 on the desktop. But it’s all black??

Try a file name like “Luzie.mp4”.


Oh. My. Gd. You’re the best!! It worked! Thanks a mililon!

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