"Toronto's Lost Rivers" - a bit of the city's history

My YouTube channel is a mixed bag as far as topics are concerned, but one thing the videos have in common is that everything from 2022 onward was made with Shotcut. Here’s an example, an exploration of some watercourses in Toronto that have partially or completely been removed since the 1800s.

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That was very interesting. Especially for me when you got to the Taddle Creek part. It immediately rang a bell in my head.

We also have a buried river, here in Québec city. It’s called Lairet River, and it was buried mostly for the same reasons you mention about Taddle Creek.

Here are a couple of extracts from the Wikipedia article compared with transcriptions from you video:

Taddle Creek: Used as an open sewer
Lairet river: The industrialization of Limoilou brings several industries and institutions near the Lairet river in the first half of XXth Century. In this urbanized segment, the river gradually becomes an open sewer.

Taddle Creek: More land to build on.
Lairet river: In addition, the winding course is an obstacle in the construction of grid lines streets.

Taddle Creek: Mysteriously flood from time to time
Lairet river: The Saint-François d’Assise hospital, originally built on the banks of the river, is nowadays struggling with water infiltration.

I’ll watch more of your content. The “Toronto’s Lost Rivers" video was entertaining and informative. Let’s see what else I will find on your channel :slight_smile:

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Thanks, MusicalBox - glad you enjoyed it. I know London, England did the same kind of things to many of its rivers for the same kind of reasons (look up the Wikipedia article on the Fleet River for an example), and I’m sure the same applies to many cities.

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Nice to see other areas of Ontario.
I live in Sarnia and we have Lake Huron and St. Clair River.
But we did have some drainage ditches to drain the swamp, but these are long since buried.

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