Toggle snapping is off, but still snapping

Hello Shotcut forum

I’ve read some previous posts, but they didn’t really match the issue. It wasn’t a problem until 15 minutes ago. I’m working on a long video (1 hour, 44 minutes) and cutting clips + adding new clips, which means I need to move the video after cutting. Suddenly the program started to use the “Toggle snapping” function without being activated (and I restarted the program). ’

How can I go about it? Thank you for your time,
kind regards, Ingunn


I think I have seen something similar on occasion, but I am not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Please tell what actions you are trying when you see this. Some toolbar buttons and their keyboard shortcuts always ripple; for example, paste/insert and ripple delete. This is by design. The tool tip for the ripple toggle says “trim and drop.”

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Hello Shotcut

Thank you for your reply! I restarted the program two times (it didn’t work the first time), clicked the toggle-button “on/off” again, and then it worked fine. I don’t know what happened before, maybe I accidentently changed something. Thank you again for your time, I’m grateful for this program and the forum!

Kind regards
Ingunn Borren

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