Toggle autoscaling?


Is there a way to toggle asset autoscaling (on/off) to the project timeline setting dimensions ?


not at this time


Thanks, could you make it a low priority request ?

It could be a useful feature to be able to toggle in some situations :

“ken burns” style slide shows where you import multiple images of different dimensions from different cameras . It would be a pain to have to resize each one back to their native dimensions

projects where you have multiple sources, multiple cameras , different AR’s and dimensions, and you want to reframe the footage certain scenes

motion graphics animation projects - often individual elements have different dimensions and AR’s - you don’t necessarily want them autoscaled


I moved this to Suggestions. Meanwhile, a workaround is to use the Size and Position filter, make the size very large and set the Size mode to Fit. Fit will downscale something to fit within the rectangle but does not upscale. Thus, the reason to set the size very large.