To boldly go

Hello all.
I was wondering if I could simulate Star Trek’s (Original series) transporter effect with Shotcut. Here’s my first result. It’s not exactly the same and there is room for improvement, but I kinda like it.

And it’s less complicated than I anticipated. You just need to create 3 images and to play with Fade in / Fade out and Old movie : Grain effects.

Tell me what you think. I’m pretty sure it can be improved, so if you have suggestions or comments, they will be welcomed :slight_smile:


Pretty good - I like it!! :+1:

Are you kidding?:joy:
This is NOT ‘Star Trek’! You only took a ST-beaming sound in a ‘Star Wars’ clip.:neutral_face:

@jonray Thanks for your comment

@DvS Sorry, I can’t figure if you are joking here or if you are serious :thinking:

I am very serious when it comes to the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. :smiley:
Live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:

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This might be a fair reproduction of the Star Trek transporter effect.
Might try TNG next.


Nice ! :+1:

I like it. Shame Spock’s left arm only appears right at the end.

The molecules got delayed in the space time continuum.:scream:


Sauron is the video wizard. :wink:
It’s great.
On the left arm, the molecule problem is what intimidated Dr. McCoy every time he got on the transporter.

Oh, this has touched my most sensitive fiber, ST, SW and CI-FI I love.:heart:
When I was young I was more fond of SW, but I’ve been more of Star Trek for years.
Maybe you want to share the trick with us, my tricorder doesn’t work at such long distances.:grinning:

Picard and Data go boldly…


SO COOL! :grinning::+1:

Captain Janeway transports, springs into action and…


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