Titling question: multiple fonts?

been playing with the titling in shotcut and ran into something i didn’t know how to do. is it possible to have different attributes within a line of text? i had a line in which i was supposed to have most of it bold but a few words italicized. can i do that within a single title or do i have to make different titles for each change?


As of now with Text: Simple you’d have to add the Text filter more than once in the same clip and make sure the font size is the same as the rest of the text you want to add it to. Then you would move the text to the where you want those words in the phrases you have.

The alternative to that is to use Text: HTML and with it you can highlight the text you want and change them individually like you would with any text editor. Text: HTML though creates an external file whereas Text: Simple creates the text internally within Shotcut.

thanks! i’ll look for a tutorial on html titling.

If you want to make a simple title with different fonts and attributes it’s not that difficult.

Multi Font.htm.txt (2.8 KB)

Download the Multi Font.htm.txt file. Remove the txt extension. In Shotcut open a transparent color clip. Add a text HTML filter to it. Use open to load an existing HTML file, and load the Multi Font html file. Once loaded click the edit button to open Shotcut’s HTML editor.

It’s pretty easy to use. You can format the text, change fonts, font sizes, etc.

Then you’ll have to watch @jonray’s as they are the only video tutorials of its kind about HTML in Shotcut that I know about:





He has even more Shotcut text tutorials on his youtube channel. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks sauron and drm. looked at some of the tutorial stuff and it helps. also looked at the multi font html file and that’s good too. problem i’m having now, though, is with inconsistency in exported text quality. and, it’s not only in the exporting.

i’m currently trying to make a series of interstitial titles for a museum screening and thought i’d give shotcut a go as i’ve been following it for quite a while now. what i’m finding, though, is that the render resolution seems to wildly vary depending on whether the titles are over a background or not. for my current purposes they are to be white text (varying fonts, styles) on black bg.

in getting to know shotcut i tried laying titles in as a filter directly on some running footage as well as putting the text filter into a transparent color clip so i could move it around relative to a background. problem i’m seeing is this: the text quality lessens markedly when the text is not over an image background. if i put the text over black, i get serious jaggies. when it’s over a background image, it cleans up nicely. unfortunately, i have to make these titles over black and not over an image.

i also found that i can’t rename clips in the playlist which is a wholly other frustration but that’s not for this discussion.

any other tips are welcome!


Are you using a color clip or letting it fall through to the hidden black background. If you are using Text: Simple, make sure you include a little outline color (thickness > 0).

thanks. it seems to be working now. i can only assume that, in trying this and trying that many times, i might have tied shotcut in knots. it has frozen a couple of times. i’m on kubuntu, btw, with kx repositories and some customizations as per davinci resolve. i started a new project and did things i’m pretty sure i did before but this time it all worked out. hmmm. interesting tip about the outline.

anyway, thanks again and i’ll keep puttering,

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