Titles with SPIN effect - Template

Windows 11 64bit - Shotcut 23.05.07
Both files crash Shotcut after a few seconds.
It is not possible to interact with the project or make any changes.
In Shotcut 21.09.12 the files work.
Do you have any suggestions on how to use it in Shotcut 23.05.07?

Now, I’m trying to break the project into multiple projects containing a single clip, in order to figure out which clip or filter is crashing shotcut.
All this in Shotcut 21.09.12, and then open it in Shotcut 23.05.07.

Work fine for me in 23.05.14 (Flatpak / Linux)

A thousand thanks. I was waiting for the version 23.05.07 update and I didn’t see that version 23.05.14 was out. I install it in the hope that it will solve several problems.

I confirm: it works great in the version 23.05.14

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Great job man!

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