Titles used as subtitles slow down progressively when exported

Latest version of OS X on an iMac machine. Running no problem Final Cut Pro, Adobe, …

This is my second topic today.

I am very disappointed that the titles that I use as subtitles, slow down progressively when video file is exported. The titles are OK in the project. The slowing down happens ONLY after the export. The work is kind of worthless at the moment. All titles slow down compared with the speech. And the more in the documentary you go the more behind they get. At the 25 min mark they are behind more than 3-4 seconds…

If any setting can fix this, please let me know.

I am glad that I decided to test it, because I have another hour to go. I’ll have to switch to Final Cut Pro again…

Curious as to why you are even using Shotcut when you have FCP which is far superior for adding subtitles.

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I needed to find Windows software that can be used for subtitles for a friend and before I recommend something I like to try it…

So, that is why. And it is OK for simple tasks but with the two problems that I described today on this forum, there is no way I can recommend it to my friend. Unless is something simple that I have not turned ON or OFF…

Are you testing on a Windows machine and does it exceed the min SC requirements for the footage you are editing?

No. I don’t have a Windows machine. I work on an iMac.

I exported the same exact file without any changes! And now the subtitles a ahead of the audio! About 1 second ahead. Again, no changes were made on the file!

OK, I’d recommenced you ask your friend to try the Windows build of Shotcut for themselves then.

Failing that, DaVinci Resolve is free and for larger projects is the software I always turn to.
(Also available for Mac and Windows)

Thanks for the advice. Will do.

Thanks Steve!