Titles, fade in, fade out and for lack of correct term timing

It’s been about 7 plus months since making last game video with Shotcut, I only made a few then took long break. Prior to Shotcut I used the free version of Lightworks. With Lightworks I was able to create titles, for example, the title would read like this

        Half Life 2

Chapter 1 Point Insertion
Hard Mode

The entire sequence lasts 10 seconds, the 1st line begins fading in over the 1st 1:25 secs, the 2nd line begins to fade in at the 1:25 mark and it fades in over 1:25 secs. The 3rd line begins to fade in at the 2:5 sec mark. All 3 lines remain on screen for a full 5 secs then all fade out together over 1:25 secs.

In Lightworks all I had to do was create a new title for each line and type in fade in and fade out times.

Is there a way to do this in Shotcut, if so is there a pdf or video tutorial?
Please and thankyou

Yes and it’s very similar to how you described how it’s done in Lightworks. :slight_smile: Go to Open Text in “Open Other” and design the text how you want it and do so for each line. You can add each of those text clips to the playlist by pressing the “+” button on the bottom left hand side of the playlist window. After designing your text clips and placing them in your playlist, add each of those text clips to different video tracks and apply the Fade In/Out effects. If that text is being placed on top of images or video (as opposed to a black screen) make sure to select “Apply opacity instead of fade with black” for Fade In/Out.

Here is a good video tutorial on how to do text in Shotcut by @jonray:


Or, if you are familiar with HTML and CSS you can create an HTML Overlay (Text: HTML filter) to do this. See: http://www.elusien.co.uk/shotcut/animations/

DRM and Elusien, thanks for responding. DRM I should have been more explicit with my example but lacked the proper words for it maybe the visual example below might make sense.

(#1 fades in over 1.25 secs) Half Life 2

                                                                 Half Life 2

(then #2 fades in over 1.25 secs) Chapter 1 Point Insertion

                                                                 Half Life 2
                                                     Chapter 1 Point Insertion

(then #3 fades in over 1.25 secs) Hard Mode

                                                                 Half Life 2
                                                     Chapter 1 Point Insertion
                                                                 Hard Mode

(then all 3 fade out together)

I’m not smart enough to reproduce that with Shotcut, so I went back to Lightworks to make and save the intro. It’s a simple 6 sec intro, I’ll try to post it, hope it works

The instructions I gave you will give you the exact results you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Here is me recreating your title with Shotcut. It has a different font since I don’t know what font you were using:


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Hi @Ghidrah , I just made ths VERY quick tutorial for you. @drm’s instructions were spot on!!

I’ve speeded up this demo to 1.4x, so it’s not too laboured. No time to add a commentary…


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Thanks for the video, but the smallness of the window made it too difficult to follow even when slowing it down to 1/4 time. I couldn’t follow your cursor or read many of the selections you made even with a magnifying glass up close to the screen.

It also seems your main program window is set up differently than mine some of the items and windows didn’t match. Also it seems you have the ability to position your timeline and see all 4 video tracks simultaneously on screen.

If there were a written Shotcut guide/tutorial that I could follow regarding my specific issue it would solve my problem.

There is no official written manual for Shotcut.
This is the closest thing to a manual.

Jonray has made excellent tutorials for Shotcu. Two that deal with text are here and here.

Tux Designer has many Shotcut tutorials.

If you can use Lightworks you can definitely work with Shotcut. It doesn’t have all the LWKS tools but it’s much easier to use.

I use both editors.

Very good point - just a tip, though, if you click on the link below the preview screen in my post above
(here it is again) https://streamable.com/wte2d
the video will appear a little larger (not full screen but it may be better to see things). Good luck! Also, search Google for “Shotcut Mr. Eko” for some beginner tutorials. They show you how to to customise the arrangement of your Shotcut screen, and more.

If you watch a video directly on streamable, there is a button in the right hand corner to enlarge it to full screen.
And as @jonray mentioned, Mr. Eko has an extensive tutorial series on Shotcut (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkBD4aaXW2ILnOZ-b2QUmwWcCGCuqRg_5) .

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Thanks @samth, I forgot to mention that!

Thanks big time guys that certainly does the trick for my good eye! I felt certain there had to be a way but couldn’t brain it out, I’ve only used shotcut a couple times and did know about dragging fade for in and out on the time line but never would have considered (copy/paste) each new line into the V track above. Will watch and write it down for future use.

So what’s “Streamable”? Never heard of it till tonight.

Streamable is a free video sharing site which some forum members use to upload videos including short demos for other forum members to view, like I did.


Jonray may I ask what version of Shotcut you’re using? I’m using 19.02.28, my version doesn’t react the way yours does, I can’t have all 4 V tracks on screen and can’t set the timeline in the bottom middle of the work screen like your video shows.

I suggest you watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQpr7EQRekc
He explains the interface from the ground up.
To answer your questions: Click on the hamburger menu of the timeline and select “Make Tracks Shorter”. Maybe you have to reduce the size of the preview window as well.
To rearrange the elements, click and drag on the name and move it to the desired place.

By the way, the newest version is 19.09, so they were several updates between your and the latest version.

Hi @Ghidrah , go to view>layout>Restore Default Layout. Timeline will be bottom centre. Then click, hold and drag the small line of dots (centre, just above timeline) to pull your timeline into view. Add tracks by following my previous demo video in this thread.

Short demo:


EDIT: Hi @samth, looks like we overlapped with our replies…

Yeah, we did, but two different versions should help even better to explain how to achieve this interface :slightly_smiling_face:.


I would recommend his 3 part updated version here, here and here. :slight_smile:

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Well, well, here I was thinking I was quite an experienced user - then I learn something new from Mr. Eko’s very first tutorial for beginners …:smiley::+1:


Since keyframes came out, I have arranged my SC screen like this:

Then I watched the beginning of this tutorial and discovered that if I hit View>Layout> Restore Default Layout and select the timeline and the keyframes panes, the keyframe pane sits neatly underneath the timeline and two tabs appear allowing me to switch between them in an instant:

Ingenious - now I can have the full width of the timeline and switch to keyframes if and when required!

You live and learn…

Nice one, Mr.Eko…

(It may be a simple point and obvious to most but I thought I’d share it in case it helped someone).