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First post for help so please go gentle. I’m trying to create a sliding word transition and I have managed to complete it as per the attached video. However, this was completed by keyframing a .png above two separate clips (the word and clips are simply for demonstration)

Is the an easier way to do this so it transitions like a bar horizontal wipe (as it is in the transition below that I used as a guide)? Thanks in advance.


Hi @Andy_M - Great for a first attempt! I would say though that it could be a bit faster. The viewer is going to wonder what the black block is doing when it enters from the right, not realising it is a transition at first.

I just made this short demo - took 5 minutes - using a short green-screen stinger clip I designed a while ago (and just adapted with the word “later”). I’d be very happy to post the stinger mp4 if you want to use it.


Here’s my stinger - complete with WHOOSH sound…



Thanks for the reply and feedback on the speed of the transition. The version uploaded was just to trial the actions as opposed to the planned speed. I’m liking that transition stinger.

However, I was wanting it to slide left to right if possible so I’ll need to work on it a bit more. I’d be interested to know how you constructed the transition though as I have a few ideas on using the principle in some upcoming videos. Have you done a tutorial on it you could point me to? Andy

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Using the current technique, since you’ve already created the PNG file. Have you checked the preset drop-down on the Size, Position & Rotate filter? There are already tons of pre-made presets in there that you can start with

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I’ll check that out thanks @bentacular

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Ben, thanks for that. I forgot that the SPR has the presets. That helps speed up the transition. Appreciate the suggestion.

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