Title Safe Zone

Hi all

I often have to put text or titles over video and notice that Shotcut does not have a title safe zone, at least not one that I know of.

Luckily it does have the “Overlay HTML” filter so one can easily be crafted with a bit of html+css.

The colour can be changed in the line border-color: red;
The type of line (dashed or solid) in border-style: solid;
and the line thickness in border-width: 7px;
The rest of the code is to adjust the boundaries of the safe zone.

Simply save the code below as a html file then use the Overlay HTML filter in Shotcut.
Don’t forget to disable it before exporting, else you will have a rectangle superimposed over your video.
It’s only meant as a guide whilst placing your text.

Hope it’s of use to others.

div {
     border-style: solid;
     border-color: red;
     border-width: 7px;

I see the forum software is not showing the html parts of the code above and I have no idea how to properly post it.
Below a screen shot of what the whole code should be:


You’ll find two safe zone options in the newly added Grid feature that debuted last month. :slight_smile: You can download it here.

Thanks for the heads up @DRM
I’m running version 18.09.16, will have a look at the latest version.


Just went to look at the latest version, it says “The minimum macOS version has changed to 10.12.”

Oh well, that is me out, running 10.11.06 “El Capitan”.

Thanks @Hudson555x but that must be the new version which I can’t use due to my O.S as explained in my previous post.

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