Title of the sequence

Is it possible to change the title of a rush?

What is a “rush?” There is no UI element in Shotcut labeled this. Tracks in the Timeline have a name. If you click it, you can change it.

Thank you for your reply.
In fact my question concerns the clips in the playlist after the derushage

Please explain ‘derushage’. Thanks

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Rushes used to be a nickname for uncolorcorrected film footage reels from the lab.

So my guess is that the user wants to rename individual clips added to playlist beeing just parts of a longer original clip.

There is a script for Blender called http://easy-logging.net/
Here you can read about the logging/tagging/de-rushing process.

Renaming playlist items is not available yet, but I know it would be nice to have.

Ok thanks so much for your help