Tips for setting the video mode

I use Shocut mainly for editing family videos. The different clips are from my camera that I set in 720p.
The source files are thus in .mov; h264; 1280x720; 29.97 fps; 25 mbits / s; 16 bit integer (small endian) stereo 48000 khz
For personal convenience, I always encode output in .mp4; 960x540; 29.97 fps; 3.5 mbits / s; aac 160 kbit / s; stereo 44100 khz
It’s a format that gives me a good quality while keeping a reasonable file size.
My question is quite stupid, is it better to adjust the project settings on the format of the source clips (1280x720) or on the output file (960x540)?
Does one of the two possibilities give you a better result?
Thanks for your help

I am not an expert - my first blush thought;
Perform format conversions in your favorite program(s) (those you are conversant with) - then import to Shotcut.
As great as Shotcut is, it is not able to handle every conceivable variation of formats across every platform. (At lease not yet)!

You will typically get better, and more consistent, results if you set the project video mode to perfectly match what you plan to export. If there isn’t a preset mode that meets your needs, create a custom mode.

In my experience, Shotcut does a pretty good job converting source files to the project video mode. If some files give you trouble, then you might consider pre-converting them. But that would add an extra step and video loss - so it is best to avoid.

OK, thanks
I will do like this in the future

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