Timer Speed

I’m making a video and I want the timer to be in time lapse along with the video. Can you make that a feature?

You can create the timer animation first and export it as its own file preferably using one of the alpha presets in Export. Then bring that in as a video clip to be included in your main time lapse project. In your time lapse project change the speed of the main video and the clip of the timer animation. After that, export those as one video.

I have to have a video that the timer filter can go on. I can’t just have the timer itself.

Yes, you can. You didn’t understand my post. “Alpha channel” means a transparent background. You can export a video that has a transparent background which you can then bring in to overlay on any video.

  1. Start Shotcut and do not open anything or start a project
  2. Open Other > Color
  3. OK
  4. Filters > + > Timer
  5. adjust Timer filter
  6. Adjust out point |< in the Source player to make it as long as you need
  7. Export > Presets > alpha > WebM VP9 with alpha channel (or other alpha preset you prefer; this is smallest but slowest to encode)
  8. Export File
  9. wait for it to be done
  10. double-click the export job to open the clip in the Source player
  11. change Properties > Speed
  12. open your project
  13. add a video track
  14. Edit > Paste