Timer Filter Tutorial

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use the new timer filter.


Thanks a lot, @brian, for adding this new filter! :smiley:

Awesome, thank you for this new feature!

hi there, is there a way to increase the speed of the timer? So it runs in double or triple time? Better yet, is there a way to set the start time and end time and the timer will adjust its speed accordingly?

I am trying to create a video that captures a business process. The process itself takes about 2 hours and the video only runs for 2 minutes, i would like to add a timer in the video that will show the clock going from 00:00 to 120:00 in 2 minutes. I hope this makes sense?

The closest thing you can do is use the “Offset” option that will be added to the Timer feature in the next update due probably sometime next week.

With Offset, you can have the timer filter start running at whatever specific time you want. So in your case you can take your 2 minute time lapse clip and split it into several sections. Have the timer start in the first section at 0 with a duration of 2 hours and then in every new section set the Offset to jump ahead in time say 10 or 20 minutes. Keep doing that until it gets to the end of the clip and reaches 2 hours.

If you need to have this done right away there is currently a beta for the next release that is available here that has the Offset feature added to the Timer filter but keep in mind it’s a temporary release as it’s a beta and not the official release which will be coming soon.

I would suggest that you open the original file in shotcut, apply the timer filter, and then export the entire 2 hours into a new file with the timer applied. Then, open the new 2 hour file in Shotcut, and apply your speed factor.

I actually tried that myself but the speed control only goes up to 50x faster so it wouldn’t be able to do a 2 hour runtime in 2 minutes. It’d be over 2 minutes.