Timer filter as CLOCK?

Thank you for your tutorials! I have a question: is it possible to use the timer as a “clock” in the video? I mean, can I add to the video the counting of present time (hour, min) when video was recorded? For instance, if I recorded my video at 9h45 am, the timer I add in video will start counting from that hh:min (instead of starting at 00:00) Thanks in advance!

Yes, but you will need to add the Mask: Simple Shape filter to hide seconds.
On a track above have a transparent clip, then use both the Timer and Mask: Simple Shape filters.


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Just set the Offset to 09:45:00:000
Make sure of course Direction is UP.


The timer will start at 9:45:00 from the beginning of the clip instead of 00:00:00.


Thank you both for quick answers! :slight_smile:

I remember the time when I used it for making counter for a challenge video that my sister made, that were really nice days, then she shifted. :cry: There are some serious emotions with this filter for me, I still remember I was doing this just 3 hours before she was going to take a taxi for the airport.

Anyways, thanks for reminding me up those days.

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