Timer Bug in 19.04.30?

In SC 19.04.30 (under Mac and Windows), the timer has a bug in that it briefly shows 60 (for 1 frame) when going 59 sec to 1 minute and also from minute to minute.





The offset is also limited to 10 hours max, any reason?
It would be nice to allow the full 23:59:59 so as to be able to simulate a clock.

This might be a rounding bug. Does the problem still occur if you choose the “MM:SS.SS” format?

10 hours was chosen arbitrarily and is easy to change.

I will bookmark this thread and look into these in the future.

In the mean time, you can hack your own installation to increase the 10 hours:

Hi @brian

Thanks for the reply.

No, when MM:SS.SS or HH:MM:SS is selected it’s fine.

As regards the 10 hour limit, will do exactly what you suggest.

Thanks again.

I submitted a proposed fix for this:

This change was accepted for the next release v19.07.

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