Timeline Zoom Control Scale

It would be great to have a scale on the Timeline Zoom Control, particularly a centre mark. I like to keep to the same zoom level on similar projects so that I can trim clips by eye rather than have to resort to the position counter. I often use the central position but the only way I can be sure I’m there is to move the slider all the way to the left and then press + 24 times which is a bit tedious!

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I was thinking about something like this before and my idea was to have a sort of bubble or dialog box appear when you hover the mouse on the zoom slider that would show you the percentage that you are at currently on the slider.

You need to know the percentage whilst you are changing it, whether that be by dragging with your mouse or using Ctrl+wheel. If the dialogue box showed the % all the time and changed however the slider was moved that would be great. If that’s tricky, for me at least, a simple line marking the middle of the ‘handle’ and marks on the slider would do the trick. There are currently 48 clicks from zero to maximum so marks every 3 clicks would help position the slider at a familiar point.

Also / or, extra shortcut button/s for detailed / close up or zoom to current selection, and / or, custom that remembers your previous or preferred zoom.