Timeline window goes blank

Shotcut version 22.01.30
Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (Kernel 5.4.0-99-generic)

Timeline window just goes blank. Menus, content (video and audio) all just disappear. Different actions can cause this and the only way to recover is to save the project, quit Shotcut and then restart it. Opening the project restores the timeline view for a while however, after a few edits and/or additions, it just disappears again and you need to save/quit/restart/reload all over again.

Your system’s OpenGL is not working well. Try Settings > Display Method. But to be honest you probably need to not use timeline or use something else.

Thank you. Changing Display Method to Software (Mesa) seems to have resolved the problem. I also downloaded and built the latest OpenGL Mesa libs and code for the latest release

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