Timeline Timestamp bug

OS: Windows 10 64 Bit

Shotcut Version: 20.11.28

When I open a file, add it to my playlist, and put it on the timeline, the time indicators are off compared to the timer right below the video. This is only when you first open the file for me and is fixed when you zoom in or out of the timeline.

Seems related to

But it not clear to me how to reproduce yours. For example, I try now, and I do not experience the problem. When I drag the clip from playlist to the timeline. I assuming that is what you are doing even though there are many other ways to add to the timeline.

Is zoom in and out the only way to fix it, or does simply moving the playhead in the timeline work?

Zooming in and out is the only way to fix it besides reopening the project. Simply moving the playhead doesn’t fix it.

Next time I’m so far, I record my actions and the anomaly and show you the video.

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