Timeline stuck in rectangle selection

What is your operating system?
I am on Sonoma 14.4.1

**What is your Shotcut version? **
I recently updated to Shotcut 24.02.29

Since using Shotcut on the new M3 Desktop Mac, I am having problems with both Mouse and Trackpad creating red boxes everywhere I move them. It acts as if I am selecting an area and seems only to happen in the Timeline area. If I move the cursor out of this area, the red, selected area remains static until I bring the cursor back into the Timeline, at which point, the red box immediately attaches itself to the cursor. Does anyone recognise this problem?
The Application is almost unuseable while this is happening.

if you deactivate the rectangle selection?

The red area is like a box being selected when you hold down the mouse button. But I am not holding it down - just moving around the Timeline area. The ‘selection’ follows the cursor everywhere. So I try hitting Escape which would normally release a selection box but it doesn’t. If I shut down the program and reopen it, it often works normally for a time then starts misbehaving again. I haven’t experienced this with any other program

Sorry, I only have a M1, and I have not experienced this. I have had similar problems when using a trackpad in general because they can react to unintended pressure, but that tends to be more erratic than what you describe. As a workaround, you can use the version 23.09 before rectangle selection was added.

OK - tentative success with Settings/Timeline/Rectangle Selection being switched off.
Having just come from an old version of Shotcut on my 14 yr old Intel Mac, I had no idea there was such a thing! Much less an On/Off setting for it!
So I’ve had an hour editing with the Rectangle switched off and no problems…
Thanks to both responders :slight_smile: :smiley: