Timeline scroll touchpad gesture

Disclaimer: I see this is not addressed in the current roadmap.

Problem: Currently, the touchpad gesture for scrolling the timeline left and right is 2-finger up and down (and the gesture for scrolling the timeline up and down is alt up and down). That’s very counterintuitive. I realise this is so to mirror the gestures on mouse wheels, but… who still uses mouses anyway??

Suggestion 1: Make 2-finger scroll left and right over the timeline scroll the timeline… drumroll… left and right! (And likewise for up and down scroll)

Suggestion 2: Make gestures user configurable.

I almost exclusively use a mouse even with a laptop because it is often closed, plugged into a large monitor, and with a keyboard and mouse.

Sorry, I was being flippant. I do realise professional media editors use large monitors, optical mice and drawing tablets. Do professional editors use Shotcut, though? (I’m a basic user migrating from Davinci Resolve, bc it keeps crashing on my 2.38GHz AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Lenovo Ideapad with Radeon GPU, not a professional setup by any stretch, and before that from iMovie, before I left the Apple ecosystem for good).

Was I right, though, that this is the reason why the touchpad scroll gesture is rotated?

I do. Never used the touchpad on any of my laptops.

For me, the real question is: Who uses laptops to edit videos? :grinning:

When I see Shotcut screen captures or screen recordings from laptop users editing a project like in my GIF below, it makes me wonder how they can work like this without going mad. Even worse if they don’t use a mouse :wink:


Right! I can hardly call my use case of work, though :grin:

Have a GIF handy there showing what it looks like on a proper setup?


Here’s a still image of the same project as I see it at 1920x1080. You have to imagine it displayed on a 22" monitor.

Yes, it’s not a bad, but we would need to learn and experiment with the multi-touch UI API to add it.

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That’s fine, I’ll get used to it :smiley: