Timeline performance issues

I have been trying to use shotcut for a short amount of time so far and notice when I drop the video into the timeline, that is only when I get really bad performance/lag as it plays the video back to me… When I remove it from the timeline and just have it play, it is fine. I don’t know what the issue is here.

We need to know what your system is(cpu memory storage ram and os), version of shotcut, and project information(resolution and format) in order to even take a guess.

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CPU: AMD FX 8350 eight core
Newest version of Shotcut
1440p 60fps on the footage.

What format is the footage and what shot it 1440p60 isn’t standard? And that’s above 1080 with a slow cpu, you might get better performance taking the time to convert it to a editor friendly format such as HuffYUV your issue is most likely the cpu not being fast enough.

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IT is an MP4

And do forgive me, I am not the most computer savvy person

It depends upon what track you put it into, what type of track blending you use, what filters are added, and so on; but basically that is normal and expected.

Video track, not edited yet

MP4 files are usually fine unless they’re VFR, what was it recorded it? what does your cpu usage(open task manager) look like when you’re trying to preview the clip?

Also, be aware that as soon as you add to Timeline, it starts to generate audio waveform and incrementally update it in the Timeline in the background. This will have a noticeable impact until that process completes, and it can take a long time if your video is long.

^ well then that might be most of my issue because it only happens when it is in timeline. Next time I will be sure to let it set for a while

Hey on that note are there any audio formats that are easier for it to handle than others? When converting the video to a better format it wouldn’t be a huge deal to convert the audio as well(or does having the audio as a separate track help? I could always split them)

There is very little that helps except SSD because I am sure much of it this is storage I/O bound as the audio decoding is very light. With that said, uncompressed 48000 Hz will be lightest to process because there will be no decoding or resampling.

Maybe its helps if you launch the program, then start taskmgr.exe and set the priority of the process called shotcut.exe a bit higher… this helped me a little, but did not lead to perfect results.

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