Timeline markers?

I have a 20 minute clip. There are some places where cuts and transitions will happen. I’ve listed those places with their current point in the time line. Once I make the cut at 0:02:30, the time for the location of the next cut, which is at 05:21, is no longer there but 2:30 earlier in the time line, etc.

How do I make markers that move as the material in the lime line become shorter? Does Shotcut even support this?

Looking through “Your topic is similar to…” there was a workaround of using an audio track to provide movable markers - a little awkward if the original audio is supposed to be edited at the same time.

Of course ripple all tracks will bring existing cuts, etc. along.

I suppose I could create an audio track that at least moves concurrently with cuts (ripple all). Generate a tone starting at the cut, as a marker, but it’s mostly a workaround, and doesn’t include, for example, a brief descriptor or title.

No such marker feature in Shotcut now, but it is in roadmap. See https://shotcut.org/roadmap/

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OK. Now I know. TNX

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